Whether I’m keeping an audience engaged and relaxed during an annual meeting, or listening for subtexts in a strategic planning session, my passion is helping people to connect with each other—to be heard and to listen.

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I’m passionate about leading individuals and organizations in an ongoing pursuit of the knowledge and skills necessary for achieving greater effectiveness. My approach is both energetic and playful; it incorporates variety, humour and fun—always in support of delivering your desired outcomes.

I’ve found the perfect trifecta of roles for me (facilitator, speaker and emcee). As a lifelong learner, these roles allow me to move between different industry sectors and groups, which feeds my passion for seeking out new information and insights. I love engaging people face-to-face—I don’t mean just talking to them directly, but also helping them to engage with each other on deeper levels and in ways that lead to meaningful change.

Emceeing enables me to bring in my talents at keeping events on track while also being flexible when the unexpected happens, as it so often does.

Facilitating uses similar skills and then some, and it keeps me at the edge of my comfort zone (which, ironically, is one of my favourite places to be). When I’m working with a large group, I’m always looking for how they can get the most value out of their limited time together, then engineering the circumstances to make sure that happens. It allows me to combine my right-brain creativity with left-brain structure to stay focused.

As a keynote speaker I make my presentations as interactive as possible. I don’t believe personal or organizational change comes about unless meeting participants are more engaged than simply remaining quiet and erect in their chairs while someone offers his or her sage-like advice from the stage. Courage is a common theme in many of my keynotes; a concept that has to be understood at more than strictly an intellectual level. That requires mind and body to engage!

I’ve discovered people have the best conversations when they feel relaxed and comfortable. So the foundational part of my job, in all three roles, is to help create an atmosphere of trust and comfort. Sometimes that means warming up with relevant improv activities; sometimes that means poking fun at myself (often based on being the father of a teenage daughter). Sometimes it means figuring out where the tension is knotted in the room and releasing it—kind of like shiatsu for meetings.

Although I’m fluent in technology, I particularly enjoy working with people face-to-face, seeing the visceral reactions when they begin to realize what’s possible.

I dive deep with my clients, and I take time to really understand your business. I don’t need to be an expert; however, I do need to know enough to follow the conversation or understand your challenges. With this approach, I’ve been able to effectively work with a variety of organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

The throughline of my career has been to help others not only live in the moment, but to act on the moment, to take the courageous steps that lead to genuine change. My passion is helping others succeed, personally and professionally!