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Keynote Speaker - Entertains, inspires, enlightens

Transform your events into a unique experience that evokes passion and inspires action, one that leaves participants with a sense of renewal and possibility.  Whether in person or online (thanks to COVID-19), the content is more relevant than ever!

My keynotes are designed to inspire audiences to stretch beyond the present day and embrace the possibilities of tomorrow through topics including challenge, leadership, uniqueness, creativity and courage.

A keynote speaker plays a pivotal role in the success of an event—whether there are ten attendees or thousands. For more than 30 years, I’ve brought the same passion to audiences attending conferences, corporate events, association functions, and other groups throughout North America. It makes my week when audiences walk away energized and rejuvenated from an entertaining, enlightening talk that inspires greater effectiveness, innovation and discovery.

My current keynote topics weave the concept of "Courage" throughout them. Topics include:

  • The Courage to Change
  • The Courage to Innovate
  • The Courage to Grow
  • The Courage to Lead
  • The Courage to Engage
  • The Courage to Participate
  • The Courage to Sell

David Gouthro - Captivating, entertaining and relevant keynote speaking
Captivating, entertaining and relevant keynote speaking.

Each one is customized to a client’s specific circumstances and desired outcomes through research, interviews, surveys, planning meetings or whatever else it takes for my clients to feel confident of the value to be delivered to their organization and meeting participants.

This is one example of a popular keynote I deliver, "Building the Courage to Change".

Interested in bumping up courageous action in your organization? Let’s have a no-holds barred, no obligation conversation to see if and how one of my keynotes can help that happen!

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