Event Emcee

Event Emcee - Ensure attendees are engaged and focused on your meeting purpose

A professional emcee has a goal and a role. The goal is to make sure your meeting attendees are relaxed and comfortable, yet energized and inspired, in an ideal state of mind to engage in important conversations or to learn new information. These days, the role has expanded to that of Online Meeting Host!

The role is to keep elements of your meeting in a strategic context, to see how the pieces weave together in a coherent tapestry of ideas. An emcee ensures your guest speakers feel at ease, valued, respected and cared for; they keep your meeting on time, yet remain flexible enough to follow conversations responsively, if they’re generating value.

With a skilled emcee literally running the show, your time is freed up to focus exclusively on the content of your meeting or event, without having to worry about the process. As your emcee, I will:

David Gouthro - Keeping events relevant, meaningful, on-time…and fun
Keeping events relevant, meaningful, on-time...and fun.

  • Spend time well in advance of your event to understand the objective(s) of your meeting and what the ideal outcome(s) look like
  • Invest time to understand your industry and where your organization fits
  • Connect with the speakers (internal or external) to establish a good working relationship
  • Agree with the speakers on how to best position them and introduce their topic
  • Show up early to your meeting
  • Provide a clear bridge from one speaker or element to another
  • Ensure that the maximum value from meeting time is realized
  • Be entertaining without being an entertainer

Focus on the content and participants of your event. Let's have a "no obligation chat" to see how I can handle the flow of the conversation online (thanks to COVID-19) or onstage when it is safe to do so!.

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