You Change Faster if You’re Willing to Blow It!

By David Gouthro / April 5, 2021 / 10 Comments

I’ve been keeping the secret of the noseflute under wraps for many years. It has only available to my corporate clients. Fortunately(?) I’ve decided to shine a light on the value it offers as a metaphor for supporting personal and organizational transformation! A couple of years ago (in a time before COVID-19–can you remember back […]

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By David Gouthro / December 2, 2016 / 34 Comments

Reflections on courage, Canadian style! Something for us to think about.

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Compassion – Powered by Pecha Kucha

By David Gouthro / September 18, 2015 / 2 Comments

This was an experiment in the world of Pecha Kucha presentations. It was a learning opportunity and I’m glad I did one of them–likely won’t do another, though! I realized that having tight restrictions on the timing for each slide and content piece keeps me from being my best self!

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