You Change Faster if You’re Willing to Blow It!

Yes, you can blow it and live to tell the tale!

I’ve been keeping the secret of the noseflute under wraps for many years. It has only available to my corporate clients. Fortunately(?) I’ve decided to shine a light on the value it offers as a metaphor for supporting personal and organizational transformation!

A couple of years ago (in a time before COVID-19–can you remember back that far?), I introduced the noseflute at a program I had the pleasure of participating in at the Wizard Academy, in Austin, Texas. At the time I was attending with a couple of my professional speaker pals, Faith Wood from Vernon, BC and Bob Parker from London, ON. What prompted me to introduce the noseflute to the dozen or so other participants is still a mystery. Nevertheless, the folks who were running the program asked if I would be willing to put together a video that explained a bit about the path of the noseflute in my work. Apparently there were some marketing lessons to be learned.

Here is that video for your viewing enjoyment!

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David has over 40 years facilitating high energy, creative and engaging face-to-face meetings that focus on delivering client value in a manner that is focused, flexible and fun. Embracing the challenge of providing the same quality of service in an online world has been heartily embraced and he now enjoys designing and delivering high impact meetings from afar! David can be reached at or 604.926.6858. And he is far from being Zoomed out in case you want a more visual conversation!


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